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Visors Made in the USA 


Cinda wearing Strapless No Headache SlimShadeez visor              no headache visor

Strapless Visor Attaches to Your Sunglasses!

SlimShadeez® sun visors attach to your sunglasses  but look like a regular visor! 
Strapless sun visors means no headache or "hat hair".  Perfect for golfing, boating,  biking, jogging, reading a book by the pool - anytime you're in the sun! 

Patented design fits glasses with wide arms and narrow arms. Thin and flexible, they're great for traveling!  SlimShadeez®are easy to remove and store in your purse, glove box or backpack! 

We absolutely guarantee that they are the
So lightweight - you don't even feel them.  Adjust them snug against your forehead or slightly away and you won't even be able to tell you're wearing one!

SlimShadeez® Strapless sun visors, No Headache Visors, reduce eye fatigue and glare.   Try one today - you'll  love them!

Proudly made in the USA!!